Longview has used Option B Creative for a wide range of design work, from re-branding to printed collateral and the web. Joselynn really understands the unique characteristics of various media, and is able to take concepts and apply them in creative ways across those media. For example, Joselynn took a dated, technical brand platform and updated it to one that is fresh, innovative and integrated across various design elements and media.

As a client, I know that Joselynn's projects will be well managed in terms of timelines and budget, and that she will do what it takes to meet our objectives. She always goes beyond just typical creative development and takes the time to understand our business model and product offerings, our target audience and our key messaging. I really enjoy working with Joselynn and think she's great!

Jennifer Bentley
Vice President, Marketing, Longview Solutions

Option B Creative created a brand identity for us which truly represents who we are.

At the very first meeting with Joselynn, we knew we were working with someone who knew the right questions to ask, listened attentively to the answers and made it clear that our success was just as important to her as it was to us.

It seemed that Joselynn intuitively knew the image we wanted to portray. With her knowledge of marketing and her sensibility for design she created a brand for us which is fresh, unique and effective.

Joselynn and her team continue to provide timely service and responsiveness in the utmost professional manner.

Her attention to detail, superior customer service and enthusiasm is why she has become an extension to our team.

Nancy Grenier
Gallery Owner and Curator,† Rouge Concept Gallery

Option B Creative has helped me with branding for two companies. I don't feel like I am very creative, so all I did was describe to Joselynn what I wanted to convey, and she was†able to magically transform that into visual language. When I first saw the logo, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. She was able to understand what my business needed and create a look without me even having to say it! Joselynn, the creative director is very professional, personable and truly a great person to work with.

Agata K. Kozlowska
Owner, 30 Pearls

Joselynn was initially involved at Borderware on developing graphics, but we quickly learned she was capable of much more. With Joselynnís creative abilities and good strategic instincts, she began to assist us with our brand strategy, as well as the design of our web site and even our product!

Her broad range of services was very much appreciated at Borderware, and we came to rely on her for a variety of projects. We found it really useful to be able to outsource many tasks to Option B Creative as Joselynn really understood our business. She provided great service at good prices, and we were happy to work with her for a number of years.

Itís a real underestimation of Joselynn by describing her as a graphic artist. She went well beyond the boundaries of the job, not limiting her contribution and really working towards making us successful. Her ownership and work ethic show a level of responsibility you donít often see in the world.

Tim Leisman
Former President, Borderware

We love our new look! We enjoyed working with Option B Creative and were always impressed with what they presented us. The whole branding exercise was new to us, but we felt like we were in excellent hands with Joselynn and Janetís experience and expertise. They guided us through the process and weíre really pleased with the outcome. And weíve had lots of great feedback so far! I would definitely recommend working with the team at Option B Creative.

Stephen Sheather
Principal, SCORE

Joselynn Maas and her staff at Option B have shown incredible flexibility and creativity as they worked with us to shape our branding process and new communication materials here at EcoSource. †
They have proven that they understand how nonprofits work and have built a portfolio for us which includes many beautiful materials that are multi- purpose Ė conserving our budgets and our natural resources!
Option B has an eye for alluring and attractive communication pieces and are professional and a delight to work with. †We highly recommend them.

Soni Craik
Associate Director, EcoSource